Doer of Things

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I connect people to the right product. I don't sell, I teach- which is why I right out of college, I taught art classes in inner Philadelphia. Now employed in the marketing field, I work for a comedy club, targeting the right people to finding live stand-up that they will enjoy. 

Outside of the comedy club, I teach clients to sell- either sell their products, or sell their skills, or sell themselves. Unlike others who will give you a cardboard cutout that they've given every client, I observe your own workflow to give you personal strategies that will work with you. I focus on results, so I am unruffled by the fear of what ifs. I enjoy spending the extra time teaching each element of why particular strategies work so my clients can repeat their successes with and without me.

On the side, I'm working on a business where I connect the right gamers to the right video games.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. - Albert Einstein